The uniqueness of the project stems directly from the location of the investment: at the site of the historical gate providing access to Kołobrzeg’s Centre from the north – where Panewniki District (Gate of Panewniki) was to be found on the way connecting the harbour with the town centre and its major buildings, i.e. the Basilica and the Town Hall. The projected building is located directly at the junction of pedestrian passageways which, when followed during a dozen-minute walk, lead to the historical heart of Kołobrzeg, yacht harbour, modern marina, passenger harbour with a lighthouse, seaside park, pier and a wide stretch of beach.

Distances from Solna Luxury Apartments:
140m Regional Cultural Centr   •    390m Marina   •    490m Yacht harbour  
 Lighthouse   •    500m Municipal Stadium   •    820m Aquapark Millenium   •    620m Beach central
700m Pier   •    800m Cathedral   •    900m City Hall  •    340m Train Station.

city hall
train station
City Hall
The entrance to the harbor
Sandy beach
City Hall

SOLNA Project is an extra-ordinary architectural project and an exceptional building undertaking.
We are offering luxury apartments with comfortable, functional layouts and modern technical solutions adding to the ease of living.
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